Avakas Gorge

A hidden gem of Akamas

Avakas Gorge Experiences

The path to the gorge follows the mouth of the Avgas River. What is unusual for Cyprus, the riverbed does not dry out even in the hottest summer months. The picturesque shady valley leads to the narrowing of the gorge and overhanging rocks - in the heart of Avakas where you will forget that you are in Cyprus. Fans of flora and fauna will be surprised, in the valley grow a bridge tree, wild orchids, asparagus and juniper. And also, walking on Avakas, you can meet the mouflons, foxes and wild hares.

How to get there: You can get to the gorge even by car, as it is located at the very entrance to the Akamas Nature Reserve. A trail leads to the picturesque gorge, about 1.2 km, which you have to overcome.

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