Blue Lagoon

One of the most famous nature attractions in Cyprus

Blue Lagoon Experiences

For sure, typing in the search "Blue Lagoon", you get different results. Some say that the Blue Lagoon is in Ayia Napa area, and others, that it is in Akamas, Paphos region. To dispel all doubts, we confirm that there are really two of them! But you should visit for sure that Blue Lagoon which is in Paphos!

The sun's rays are passing through the crystal clear water, reflected from the snow-white sandy bottom, creating a bright blue glow of water in the Blue Lagoon. The contrast creates the black volcanic sand on a thin shoreline. You can not miss this fantastic place!

How to get there: We recommend you to go there on a yacht in order to reach the heart of the bay. Also, you can get to the Blue Lagoon from the shore, on the jeeps or quadracycles!

Must try: An unforgettable experience for you will be jumping into the water from the roof of the yacht, or diving with a mask and snorkel.

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